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fake geek girls

Spider-Man Supreme Court's ruling on Spider-Man toy dispute brings out Justice's geeky side
With great power comes the ability to make great jokes.
New York City neighborhood throws a parade for girl who wants to be Spider-Man
The Uptown Superheroes March in Hudson Heights is the best place to be this Sunday.
Image Comics cofounder hates practical costumes for female superheroes
It's 2015 and this argument just won't die.
kid playing minecraft Love PC games? You're not alone: 37 percent of the U.S. plays too
Admit it, you're playing Solitaire right now, aren't you? Aren't you?
3751651544_7671deb366_o.jpg (3648√ó2736) Female comics writers and fans mock the idea they don't exist
Think women don't read comics? Here's a hashtag for you.
fake geek guys The absurdity of this 'fake geek guys' video makes a powerful point
The concept of fake geek girls is now so widespread that the joke needs no explanation.