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fake geek girls

fake geek guys The absurdity of this 'fake geek guys' video makes a powerful point
The concept of fake geek girls is now so widespread that the joke needs no explanation.
E3_Expo_2012_-_Dungeons_&_Dragons_Neverwinter_girls.jpg (1200×1600) Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming
It's time to flush your stereotypes down the drain. 
C73poyn.jpg (JPEG Image, 862 × 592 pixels) Tumblr's 'Fake Nerd Guys' beautifully mocks how girl gamers are treated
Hey, shirtless guy. How do we know you’re really into Call of Duty?
kickheart-header The top 10 events that changed fandom in 2012
These events not only shaped the year in fandom but will continue to impact fans long after 2012.