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undefined Facebook's silence on PRISM could result in legal action
There was one significant risk Facebook didn't disclose before its initial public offering: the company's participation in an NSA operation. 
rickielamb Mother furious after cops use hidden Facebook feature to inform her of son's death
Anna Lamb-Creasey would have known her son had died nearly three weeks sooner, if only she knew the right place to look on Facebook.
Facebook Like Sign California state budget pinched by Facebook stock
The office of Gov. Jerry Brown drastically scaled back its expectations for how much taxable revenue the state can hope to collect from the stock over the next 18 months.
canvasraven Dot Dot Dot: The year the Internet went mainstream (again)
In the Daily Dot’s first year, the Web changed in profound and unexpected ways, ascending into pop culture like never before. 
rose The Hater: 2012 is 2004 all over again
The Hater has noticed that some of this week's biggest tech stories could have been ripped from blog headlines in 2004, and he doesn't like it one bit.
caps off podcast The CAPS OFF PLEASE podcast: On swingers, sex, and Kickstarter
The Daily Dot's comic crew gets the lead out.