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evil geniuses

evil geniuses dota 2 art UNiVeRsE and zai return to Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses bids farewell to Aui_2000 once again.
Dota 2 Manila Major Evil Geniuses surprisingly eliminated in first round of Manila Majors
This is the worst finish for a team captained by Peter "ppd" Dager.
Dota 2 Manila Major Top teams look shaky in the Manila Major group stage
Team Secret and Evil Geniuses are just one game away from being eliminated.
evil geniuses dota 2 art Arteezy, Universe depart EG for Secret days before rosters lock
Major shakeups are going on in the Dota world.
Dota Major After big upsets, the stage is set for the Shanghai major playoffs
There have been some big upsets already.
dota 2 logo The lineup is set for Dota 2's Shanghai Major
Sixteen teams will fight for a share of $3 million.