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netflix privacy billboard Despite anger from privacy advocates, Netflix shows no sign of ending geo-blocking and VPN ban
Is Netflix infringing on your privacy by blocking VPNs?
Top E.U. network-security official slams proposals for encryption backdoors
It's unclear how his comments will shape the brewing debate.
Shield blocking data packets U.S. and E.U. publish full text of Privacy Shield data-transfer deal
Governments on both continents are optimistic that the deal will pass muster.
image of a judge's gavel next to a smartphone What is the Judicial Redress Act and why is it important to U.S.–E.U. relations?
The bill would give Europeans a key right that Americans already enjoy.
data crossing from usa to europe U.S. and E.U. reach new data-sharing deal after rift over mass surveillance
The second version of the 'Safe Harbor' deal will likely end up in court, just like its predecessor.