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data crossing from usa to europe U.S. and E.U. reach new data-sharing deal after rift over mass surveillance
The second version of the 'Safe Harbor' deal will likely end up in court, just like its predecessor.
H2K Ryu Ryu may sit out H2K's game against Team Vitality tomorrow
The decision is not yet determined with just over 24 hours to go.
U.S., E.U. negotiators still split over major data-sharing deal for businesses
The man whose lawsuit overturned the old deal on privacy grounds says he's not sure how this ends.
U.S.–E.U. data-sharing deal can be suspended at any time over spying concerns
If the U.S. government is concerned about this provision, it hasn't said so yet.
image of a computer getting hacked/intruded Data security front and center as E.U. inks deal and U.S. considers bills
You may soon be getting notices anytime a company you patron gets hacked.
EU flag with partially open door in center E.U. officials want U.S. tech companies to add encryption backdoors
Governments want tech companies to make their work easier.