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Donald Trump If you're an a**hole, this new website might have a job for you
"We're like the X-Men, but for a**holes."
reddit snoo shrugging Influential Reddit employee Erik Martin quits after 6 years on the job
And now he's only answering questions with GIFs.
reddit snoo blowing out birthday candle upvotes Is it time for Reddit to pay its moderators?
Moderators are gatekeepers, peacekeepers, and curators—Reddit’s hardest workers. Is it time for them to become more than volunteers?
subreddit-banned.png (1440×720) Reddit bans infamous forum about beating women
Don't celebrate yet—the copycats are already popping up.
imgur: the simple image sharer How can Thought Catalog get away with selling Reddit threads?
Redditors don't know they're published, but do they care?
undefined Reddit’s PRISM strategy: Don’t collect what the government wants
How has Reddit come to lead the way in protecting user privacy online?  It makes a point to invest in user anonymity.