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7d0966a8dc4f5c28822927ff01566b3e.jpg (1024×512) Alleged Freedom Hosting owner can't challenge extradition to U.S.
The court won't tell him why, either.
Irish Flag | Flickr - Photo Sharing! U.S. authorities want to extradite the man they believe to be Silk Road's Libertas
Charges of narcotics distribution and money laundering await in American courts.
c546fd479912215122aa42ee71c0aaf4.jpg (1025×512) Ireland elects not to try one of the Deep Web's most wanted
Ireland won't try alleged Freedom Hosting owner Eric Marques. He faces extradition to the U.S.
7d0966a8dc4f5c28822927ff01566b3e.jpg (1024×512) Alleged Freedom Hosting owner fights extradition to U.S.
Eric Eoin Marques, who stands accused by the FBI of being “the largest facilitator of child porn in the world, wants to be prosecuted in Ireland.
undefined FBI: Alleged child porn facilitator cleared $1.5 million last year
Eric Eoin Marques, the alleged owner of Freedom Hosting, faces up to 100 years in prison if convicted.