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The Rock's story of meeting an inspirational young fan will make you cry
Buried under all those muscles is an empathetic man.
8ZBFmyw.jpg (968×641)'Supernatural,' 'Attack on Titan' fans create ambitious animation projects
These ambitious fan projects hope to tide fans over during the long wait for more of Supernatural and Attack on Titan.
Screen_Shot_2014-05-04_at_10.39.09_AM.png (1043×518)Joel McHale crossed every line at the Washington correspondents' dinner
The toughest gig in comedy always makes for uncomfortable laughs.
Too Much Gaming Can Make You See Things | MotherboardToo much gaming can make you see strange things
The "Tetris effect" is real
Miniature Tvs | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Netflix's overhaul makes it less of a website, more like TV
An Internet service embraces the feel of an older medium.
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