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X-Files In defense of endings—why the world doesn't need another 'X-Files' reboot
We keep digging in the media graveyard, pulling up old bones. But when will we let the dead stay dead?
The Rock's story of meeting an inspirational young fan will make you cry
Buried under all those muscles is an empathetic man.
8ZBFmyw.jpg (968×641) 'Supernatural,' 'Attack on Titan' fans create ambitious animation projects
These ambitious fan projects hope to tide fans over during the long wait for more of Supernatural and Attack on Titan.
Screen_Shot_2014-05-04_at_10.39.09_AM.png (1043×518) Joel McHale crossed every line at the Washington correspondents' dinner
The toughest gig in comedy always makes for uncomfortable laughs.
Too Much Gaming Can Make You See Things | Motherboard Too much gaming can make you see strange things
The "Tetris effect" is real
Miniature Tvs | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Netflix's overhaul makes it less of a website, more like TV
An Internet service embraces the feel of an older medium.
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