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Promotional illustration for Oxenfree Spooky indie adventure game Oxenfree will be more satisfying as a movie
Sometimes you need to find the right form for an idea.
Fanfiction writers scorn Entertainment Weekly's dubious fanfic contest
Fanfiction writers don't take kindly to what they perceive as exploitation by outsiders.
a mashup of call of duty's boxart with the candy crush saga mascot Activision purchases the developer of ‘Candy Crush’ for a staggering $5.9B
King is the second-highest-grossing mobile game developer in the world.
Cover of Faith #1 comic Valiant Comics announces solo limited series for plus-size hero Faith
The superhero, who debuted in Valiant's 'Harbinger' series, will finally get the chance to shine on her own.
Matt Damon on Project Greenlight White men know all there is to know about diversity
Let's just leave all the work to Matt Damon and Vanity Fair. They know best.
Man saddened by tv static Why is the Internet so obsessed with celebrity breakups?
This year's summer of breakups even got its own hashtag. But why do we take it personally when celeb love fades?