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cards against humanity at empty table with booze What happens when Cards Against Humanity asks Reddit for ideas?
That's one way to brainstorm.
 desaturated image of a jail cell South Carolina inmates get solitary confinement for making rap video in prison
The video's virality drew the attention of the South Carolina Department of Corrections.
US Senate and Congress buildings Congress advances the Judicial Redress Act to protect foreigners' privacy
'We all benefit when the information our law enforcement agencies share is accurate.'
credit card with the words Free Speech printed on Backpage makes ads free for sex workers as police pressure ramps up
Backpage is rebelling against both law enforcement pressure and credit-card shunning.
Illustration of classic video game characters standing on colonnades The civil war to save classic video games
The business, the Library of Congress, and the battle to preserve video games.
eff gaming A copyright exemption could extend the lives of defunct online games
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked for an exemption to keep online games from going extinct.