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star wars battlefront EA confirms Star Wars Battlefront sequel with content from the new films
So far, the first game only includes one planet from 'The Force Awakens'.
Screengrab from the reveal trailer for Battlefield 1, depicting a battle in Western France. The trailer for Battlefield 1 is released, and it appears to be set in World War I
While Call of Duty moves forward in time, Battlefield sets the clock backward.
Screengrab from the Respawn blog of the stylized Star Wars logo. EA taps Respawn Entertainment to make third-person 'Star Wars' adventure
Accomplished game studio plus Star Wars equals a new hope for a great game.
Alexander Freed takes us into the trenches of his latest 'Star Wars' novel
Twilight Company is the first canon 'Star Wars' novel to delve deeply into the 'war' part of the saga's name.
Illustration from NHL 16 Inside EA's unprecedented plan to win back NHL fans by making them part of the game
The most passionate fans of the NHL series helped build the best NHL ever.