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nubian pyramids Drones are letting scientists study the Nubian pyramids from a new perspective
We're still learning about these 2,700-year-old Sudanese pyramids.
Rube Goldberg passover machine This Rube Goldberg machine is a must-have at your Passover Seder
Matzo, the plagues, and even the burning bush make the cut in this video.
Alaa Abdel-Fattah Egypt sends famous blogger to prison for protesting due-process violations
His supporters shouted 'Down with military rule!' at the trial.
Chuck Hagel on the Phone Here's why Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is resigning
The Islamic State took a victory lap.
gay wedding Egyptian men face jail time after alleged gay wedding video goes viral
A public prosecutor condemned the viral video, saying it was "humiliating, regrettable, and would anger God."
facebook like pattern Why it's so important Facebook now supports Tor
In the battle against Internet censorship, this matters.
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