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illustration of a man behind bars Egyptian comedians may face terrorism charges for satirical YouTube videos
Human rights groups have criticized the imprisonment of the Street Children comedy troupe.
phone with facebook logo on the screen Egypt blocks Facebook's Free Basics service
Spying on users reportedly a deal breaker.
EgyptAir hijacker's surreal love life is the stuff that memes are made of
Nothing says 'I love you' like hijacking a plane.
Authorities arrest EgyptAir hijacker after seven-hour standoff
The hijacking was 'not something that has to do with terrorism.'
ben carson giving a speech What we can learn from Ben Carson's Egyptian pyramids comments
Considering it goes against what most people learned in elementary school, it's raised eyebrows.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Egyptian news host mistakes video game footage for Russian airstrike on Syria
Fact-checkers really ought to read the “show more” section on YouTube.