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Crash Course logo pattern Why every kid should be watching Crash Course on YouTube
It’s a pretty amazing time to be a kid who's interested in learning stuff.
President Barack Obama speaking into a microphone. Obama administration hit with 11-state lawsuit in transgender bathroom battle
The lawsuit accused the White House of overstepping its authority.
screenshot from the mobile game tap that 'Tap That': The mobile game promising to make sex ed cool
Over half of U.S. states don't mandate sex ed. That's where 'Tap That' comes in.
school desks Mississippi school ordered to desegregate 62 years after Brown v. Board
The decision comes on the anniversary of the historic ruling.
abstract art of the mately logo This app lets Tinder matches know you've been tested for STDs
Mately hopes to curb the rising STD epidemic.
Day of Silence GLSEN Thousands of LGBT youth protest bullying with #DayofSilence in schools
The silence is deafening today. Here's why.