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Illustration from NHL 16 Inside EA's unprecedented plan to win back NHL fans by making them part of the game
The most passionate fans of the NHL series helped build the best NHL ever.
EA's gameplay trailer for Mirror's Edge Catalyst is an overdue joy
See Faith in action in new 'Mirror's Edge' trailer.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Star Wars Battlefront nails the look, sound, and feel of the movies
A hands-on look at what could be the best Star Wars simulation game yet.
Racing fans surprised by Porsche expansion for Forza Horizon 2
Ten Porsche cars are coming to Forza Horizon 2 after Microsoft and EA agreed to a cross-licensing deal.
Dragon Age Inquisition Dorian Pavus Dragon Age: Inquisition launch canceled in India due to obscenity law
Electronic Arts isn't shining much light on the decision, made just a week before the game release.  
Titanfall_lagoon.jpg (975×548) The coming Titanfall update is packed with new content
Cool new stuff is coming to Titanfall