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Screengrab from a YouTube video.Star Wars Battlefront nails the look, sound, and feel of the movies
A hands-on look at what could be the best Star Wars simulation game yet.
Racing fans surprised by Porsche expansion for Forza Horizon 2
Ten Porsche cars are coming to Forza Horizon 2 after Microsoft and EA agreed to a cross-licensing deal.
Dragon Age Inquisition Dorian PavusDragon Age: Inquisition launch canceled in India due to obscenity law
Electronic Arts isn't shining much light on the decision, made just a week before the game release.  
Titanfall_lagoon.jpg (975×548)The coming Titanfall update is packed with new content
Cool new stuff is coming to Titanfall
imgur: the simple image sharerDragon Age: Inquisition shows off an impressive new combat system
Here's our first hands-on look at the new Dragon Age game. 
Dragon_Age_Origins.jpg (1300×731)You can get Dragon Age: Origins for free right now
If you never played Dragon Age, now is the time to start. 
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