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tv with the twitch logo on it Twitch dominated E3 streaming
21 million viewers tuned in over the weekend to see what's on the horizon in gaming.
Photo from E3 2015 E3 2015 was more of the sameā€”and it's not going anywhere
Better to make peace with the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
Fallout Shelter blasts past Candy Crush in the App Store
Fallout Shelter is raking in more money than Candy Crush.
Don't expect a next big Metroid game before the release of Nintendo NX
In an interview with Eurogamer, producer Kensuke Tanabe gave insight on the future of Metroid Prime.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Star Wars Battlefront nails the look, sound, and feel of the movies
A hands-on look at what could be the best Star Wars simulation game yet.
battleborn gameplay image E3's most exciting esports titles
Battleborn is one of them, of course. But what about that sword-dueler from Ubisoft?