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President Obama Visits Ellicott Dredges on Jobs Tour | Flickr - Photo Sharing! President Obama takes selfie at Nelson Mandela's memorial
It remains to be seen if “POTUSface” catches on.
All sizes | [030/365] - Blue Steel | Flickr - Photo Sharing! 'Squinch' your way to a better selfie
Bicoastal fashion and beauty photographer Peter Hurley has a trick to make you look more confident.
tumblr_mvexfbrCzh1smbgw2o1_500.jpg (500×750) Duckface teens can't stop taking selfies at funerals
If you thought nobody would take a selfie at a funeral, think again. 
Anthony Weiner of Twitter crotch photo fame | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Being Carlos Danger
Guys, this job is hard.
lookbinoculars The best and worst of Facebook Graph Search
Wondering what use Facebook's new search tool could have for you? These searches at least keep things interesting.