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An illustration of a clunky-ass desktop computer with the U.S. seal GAO report reveals Pentagon's use of floppy disks to control U.S. nuclear weapons
That's not the government's only IT embarrassment.
illustration of john crane 'Bravehearts' whistleblower reveals lawful disclosure method Edward Snowden didn't try
John Crane investigated alleged abuse at the Pentagon—until he became a whistleblower himself.
US military cyber soldiers Pentagon requests $12 million for new National Guard cyberwar facilities in Maryland
The two facilities have been on the Pentagon's wishlist for years now.
glitchy image of the Department of Defense logo Military's cyberattack response plan needs work, government audit finds
Government report faults military for unclear guidance.
glitcheed image of a computer The military wants you to try hacking into its computer network
Break into the Pentagon—if you can.
glitched image of a computer U.S. military plans to outsource cyberwar support to private companies
The U.S. plans to pay out $460 million in contracts.