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US military cyber soldiers Pentagon requests $12 million for new National Guard cyberwar facilities in Maryland
The two facilities have been on the Pentagon's wishlist for years now.
glitcheed image of a computer The military wants you to try hacking into its computer network
Break into the Pentagon—if you can.
glitched image of a computer U.S. military plans to outsource cyberwar support to private companies
The U.S. plans to pay out $460 million in contracts.
Lawmakers want to know how U.S. protects undersea Internet cables
Can the U.S. protect the most crucial piece of the global communications system?
U.S. government and local police are testing new ways to defend against drones
Drone use—and abuse—is on the rise.
abstract art of a computer monitor Here's the U.S. military's unusual strategy for recruiting 'cyber warriors'
Better to address this upfront than hide it for later, we suppose.