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EFF protest Civil-liberties groups ask the government to detail surveillance statistics
More than two dozen groups want answers.
Glitched US Capitol building CISPA, CISA, PCNA? Your complete guide to Congress's big cybersecurity debate
What's the difference between CISA and CISPA? Here's what you need to know—and a whole lot more.
All sizes | Lady Justice at Dublin Castle | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Here's the court ruling that let the NSA track your email
For years the NSA collected the metadata from Americans' emails. Monday night, the 2004 ruling on the program was finally released. 
All sizes | Credit Card | Flickr - Photo Sharing! NSA metadata collection program swept up Americans' credit card numbers
Here's a breakdown of the declassified documents that reveal how it happened. 
9806689674_8171fdcfa2_b.jpg (1024×682) Germany's Merkel to Obama: Monitoring is 'completely unacceptable'
German Chancellor Angela Merkel phoned Obama, warning the president that such spying was "completely unacceptable."
All sizes | French Phone | Flickr - Photo Sharing! U.S. denies NSA recorded millions of French phone conversations
James Clapper denies that the NSA recorded 70 million French phone conversations in a one month period. But should we believe him?