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Ted Cruz duhhhh Ted Cruz makes a 'gay florist' joke in baffling interview
What Cruz was thinking about while he was 'flipping porkchops' with Ellen Page.
john oliver lgbt John Oliver looks at the shocking LGBT discrimination that goes beyond marriage
Legalizing same-sex marriage was just the first step.
"Trans Broken Arm Syndrome:" when doctors assume every medical prob is due to being trans 'Trans Broken Arm Syndrome' and the way our healthcare system fails trans people
The hashtag #TransHealthFail shows just how little the medical profession knows about transgender healthcare.
A white woman wearing a self-described "blonde curl afro," a subject of controversy regarding cultural appropriation of black women's natural hairstyles. If white women can wear afros, why can't black people have natural hair at work?
Black is 'cool'—until it means you're unemployed.
donald trump speaking to an audience Donald Trump’s race problem is even worse than you think
The Latino vote isn't his only issue.
Hulk Hogan WWE The WWE has a race problem—and it's bigger than Hulk Hogan
The whole organization is guilty as hell.
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