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Traget rainbow More companies should follow Target’s lead in providing trans bathrooms
'Everyone deserves to feel like they belong,' the company said.
Carli Lloyd and Hope Solo World Cup winners file federal wage discrimination complaint
The women's soccer team was paid 40 times less than the men's for its World Cup win.
kroger Kroger bathroom sign goes viral for its inclusive, LGBT-friendly message
'Because EVERYONE goes grocery shopping!'
Nathan Deal Georgia governor to veto 'religious freedom' bill that legalizes LGBT discrimination
'I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia.'
thumbs down North Carolina lawmakers face backlash over new anti-LGBT law
The new law eradicates local protections for LGBT people, women, workers, and veterans.
Title IX protest Tuesday Feb 9 Christian students protest Title IX waivers, allege anti-LGBT discrimination
Religious schools are quietly opting out of the federal anti-discrimination law.