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digital self-defense

clones.jpg (1440×720) How to create an anonymous alter ego in 6 easy steps
Privacy might be on its deathbed, but making yourself a bit less machine-readable goes a long way to preserving our right to anonymity.
mannequins.jpg (1440×720) Who really owns our anonymous identities?
You don’t have to be a criminal to want to work with more than one identity. 
7903455434_f3fc70ee0d_o.jpg (612×612) When apps track your workouts, who really wins?
It might be dressed up like a game, but apps that track your movements are serious business.
binary-handshake.png (1440×720) You can’t put a price tag on privacy
The interest you earn in the form of supposedly free services is rarely worth opening such an account. 
undefined Keep your searches for problems, pet peeves, pills, and porn private
Your search patterns reveal a lot about who you are, what you do, and where you live. Here's how to keep that information secure.
undefined Digital self-defense: The beginning of the privacy resistance
New ways of announcing your resistance to the great privacy problem are finally bubbling up.