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white house surrounded by social media /company logos Group representing Apple, Google, Facebook slam Senate encryption bill over 'unintended consequences'
The companies banded together for a strongly worded letter urging the bill's sponsors to back down.
piece of paper with the word "encryption" on it Here's the final version of the Burr-Feinstein encryption 'backdoors' bill
'No entity or individual is above the law,' one of the bill's sponsors said.
image of white house with data superimposed on it Civil-liberties groups tell Obama to oppose Senate encryption bill
'It is beyond dispute that this bill would threaten the safety of billions of Internet users.'
document folder with many logos on it Trade group representing tech giants slams Burr–Feinstein encryption bill
The group said the bill would 'harm national security and put Americans at risk.'
Electronic Frontier Foundation stylized blue logo EFF vows to tie up encryption 'backdoor' legislation in court 'for years'
The battle over backdoors has just begun.