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Silk Road Logo DEA agent in Silk Road trial gets 78 months in prison for extortion
Another government agent, Secret Service officer Shaun Bridges, also faces significant prison time.
pablo escobar derpy face Why the bad first season of 'Narcos' is worth watching
Getting through the season might be worth the side effects.
Federal raid of offices Federal raid of gay escort site shocks LGBT community
'The real question is whether LGBT orgs will also rally.'
man wearing a shirt which has silk road logo on it Ross Ulbricht's lawyer: Police theft undermines Silk Road case
Attorney says the admitted theft of $400,000 from Silk Road undermines the state's case against Ross Ulbricht.
Mousetrap with whistle graphic in place of a mouse The dangerous whistleblowing websites of the U.S. government
The U.S. government has systems for blowing the whistle—but nobody should use them.
notebook with a doodle of a surveillance camera on it DEA spying is increasing as Americans want the drug war to end
Think the war on drugs is over? Think again.