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day we fight back

us-eye.jpg (1440×720) Why you won't miss your online privacy
Living our lives out in the open may force society to face up to things it is too easy to ignore.
imgur: the simple image sharer The Day We Fight Back: A lost battle, a new war
Google and the other tech giants who brought down SOPA haven't begun to fight the NSA with their full power.
thedaywefightback2.jpg (1440×720) The Day We Fight Back, by the numbers
The anti-surveillance protest topped 60,000 calls, 125,000 emails.
GCHQ | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Google gets behind USA Freedom Act on Day We Fight Back
On the occasion of a worldwide Web protest, the company plants its flag.
thedaywefightback.jpg (1440×720) Everything you need to know about The Day We Fight Back
What is it? Why now? What can I do?
mass-surveillance.jpg (800×299) How to get your website ready for The Day We Fight Back
Here's how to use your site to protest mass surveillance.