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Black Hawk Down The 5 best war movies on Netflix
War may be worse than hell, but we sure do love to make and watch movies about it.
obama tumblr GIF Obama's way is the only way to pronounce 'GIF'
It's a hard "G," as in "government oversight."
imgur: the simple image sharer Donut Day and D-Day: A 2-in-1 explainer
It's National Donut Day. It's also D-Day. Confused? Read on.
batmansuperhistory7 DeviantArtist adds superheroes to World War II photos
Maybe, if Superman had been at Normandy on June 6, 1944, things would have gone much differently.
sunrise6712 Reddit launches landing page for newbies
Also: Learn the diference between ear wax and ear powder, read the AMA of a "black man who befriended KKK members," and master real-life cheat codes.