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illustration with Tim Cook's face on one side, Modi's face on the other, and an iPhone in the middle Apple's Tim Cook and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently discussed encryption
Modi apparently urged Cook to accept limits on encryption by saying it would help stop cybercrime.
Biometric eye The future of biometrics is coming–but not without risks
Biometrics is transforming authentication, but at what cost?
credit card Online fraud is soaring—is there any stopping it?
There’s no end in sight.
crime scene banner that says "cybercrime scene" Florida lawmaker wants President Obama to devise a 'strategy to combat cybercrime'
Congressman Dennis Ross wants the government to pay more attention to online extortion attempts.
glitched image of keys Malware found on old 'Guardian' article about cybercrime
Irony can be used as a weapon.
glitched US and Chinese flags U.S. and China start detailing historic cybercrime pact
The two countries will conduct a joint exercise next spring to test their cooperative efforts.