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toilets Holy s**t, Prague's historical toilet museum is incredible
You have to smell it to believe it.
Russian music video, women sitting on a log while men dance A pop music video guide to Russia's cultural values
Let's look past Putin for once.
picture of a dry prairie backing up to arid hills against a cloudy, grey sky. In the center, a dirt road stretches into the background, eventually curving to the right. Black shrubs dot the hills in the background. The impression is of a barren, lonely place. Is an urban legend encouraging South Dakota Sioux teens to take their own lives?
Reports are surfacing that a horror named Walking Sam is driving teens to their deaths. But the reality is much more complicated.
aydian dowling There's a campaign to put a trans man on the cover of Men's Health
Aydian Dowling wanted to inspire other trans men. Mission accomplished.
Klingons Duolingo adds Klingon to its language tutorials
You can't learn Japanese or Mandarin, but you can learn to talk to aliens.
Original Ghostbusters Kenner Toy Figurines The 'Ghostbusters' reboot is already generating a sexist backlash
In the words of Frozen, Let It Go.