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Donald Trump's campaign not sorry for sharing racist crime stats because it was a retweet
The retweet defense is not new, but it reached new heights this week.
Donald Trump's race-based crime stats may have come from a neo-Nazi
There's a reason these claims don't sound right.
Ralkina Jones Autopsy report shows Cleveland woman died of medical condition ignored by police
Ralkina Jones was arrested for allegedly attacking the man who violently abused her for years. Then she died in a jail cell.
twerking Two women wanted for sexual abuse after twerking on man
D.C. police seek two women after CCTV footage showed them harassing a lone man.
cruise ship Video shows man's fall off cruise ship after alleged anti-gay harassment
An attorney for the family of Bernardo Elbaz says the cruise line lied about the death.
illustration of headshots of a man After suffering 3 assaults, this woman is using Facebook to find her attacker
She made her own police sketch online and is using it to find the perp.