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Calum McSwiggan YouTube star Calum McSwiggan brutally attacked outside of gay bar
A friend of the gay YouTuber says the attackers used to social media to locate him.
grungy trans symbol and flag Seattle transgender community reeling from violent hate crime outside Orlando fundraiser
The attacker said 'Happy Pride' just before the beating.
man with a driver's license and his face is getting scanned What the GAO's big report on FBI facial recognition doesn't say
'There may or may not be more databases ... that the FBI may or may not be accessing.'
a blood splatter with a fingerprint superimposed on it The Orlando tragedy was the 15th mass shooting so far in June
It's becoming disturbingly common.
abstract art of the apple logo Thieves dressed as Apple Store employees made off with 20 iPhones in New York
Maybe Apple should consider additional security measures?