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ESL One Cologne trophy ESL One Cologne pulls in $4.2 million in revenue for teams, sets viewer records
The latest Counter-Strike major has set new records in both viewership and in money doled out to competing teams.
Stereoscopic 3D glasses You can see through walls in Counter-Strike with stereoscopic 3D
Is the next wallhack simply stereoscopic 3D?
Bookmakers Major bookmaker opens esports book, boasts 'high four figure bets'
If you thought esports betting wasn't already big, you can now bet on World of Tanks.
FNS and CLG at ESL One Cologne Counter Logic Gaming's FNS on ESL One Cologne: 'We played much better than expected'
Just a handful of rounds separated Counter Logic Gaming from success on the world stage.
Complexity logo Complexity returns to Counter-Strike
One of the most storied organizations in Counter-Strike’s long history has returned to the game where it all began.
CS dudes Global Offensive Counter-Strike major more watched than League of Legends finals on Twitch
Twitch viewers watched more Counter-Strike this weekend than any other game, despite two League of Legends finals.
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