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Harry Potter Alliance campaign celebrates fanfiction awareness
Fanworks aren't only protected in the U.S.—they're a vibrant part of modern-day creative culture.
birthday candles Music company's copyright on 'Happy Birthday' might soon be revoked
Documents reveal a version of the song that predates the 1935 copyright.
Conan Did Conan O'Brien steal this comedy writer's tweets?
San Diego man claims he's the author of four jokes wound up on TV.
Twitter is allowing users to claim copyright infringement on tweets
The site's had a bit of a theft issue.
Tokyopop is back in the manga business—but not everyone is happy about it
The once-defunct publisher will be reviewing portfolios this week at Comic-Con.
Why Funimation's statement on fanart is a double-edged sword for creators
Funimation takes a tolerant position, but it's missing a key point.
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