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Cloud9 LoL 2016 Hai on his third role in a year, a six-man lineup, and his future (second) retirement
No matter his role, no matter the situation, Hai always finds ways to win games for his team.
counter strike logo Cloud9 picks up Stewie2K as replacement for sg@res
An inexperienced player will replace the team's veteran leader.
Heroes Rising Bob Ross Fan Club upset Cloud9 to win Heroes Rising
New year, new winners.
Huni, Reignover playing for Fnatic The most important League of Legends roster moves of 2015
From Uzi to DoubleLift, these are the most important moves from last year.
Arthelon It's official: Arthelon replaces Fan on Cloud9 Heroes squad
The move has been a long time coming.
Bjergsen Verified Twitter appoints gaming head, esports pros promptly verified
Twitter's new Head of Gaming kicked off his reign by verifying hundreds of esports pros.