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Clint Eastwood

American Sniper parody 'Canadian Sniper' is a heroic and fake tale from our neighbors to the north
Canada's bravest son does what he has to do to defeat those wretched moose.
Bradley Cooper in American SniperWhy the Internet can't stop fighting about 'American Sniper'
What we talk about when we talk about war is always going to be an argument, especially online.
Bradley Cooper in American SniperDon't hate on critics of 'American Sniper'—criticize its flawed hero
The problem with American Sniper isn't Michael Moore or Seth Rogen. It's Chris Kyle.
Cast of SelmaThe unforgivable 'Selma' snubs show the Oscars still have a racism problem
Black people continue to ride at the back of the bus in Hollywood.
Christian Bale and Amy Adams in American HustleHow Amy Adams became the most overlooked actress in Hollywood
She even got upstaged during her own SNL appearance.
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