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Donald Trump at ABC News GOP debate Donald Trump vows to do 'a hell of a lot worse' than waterboard ISIS militants
Ted Cruz took a more measured tone on torture.
notebook paper with the wifi logo drawn in pen Encryption does not allow criminals and terrorists to 'go dark,' Harvard study finds
Technology is making it easier to catch the bad guys, the authors found.
illustration of the I Want To Believe poster CIA offers to help Agents Mulder and Scully prove the existence of UFOs
The truth is out there in a bunch of PDFs.
glitched image of a lock Encryption didn't save El Chapo
Guzmán and his men stayed connected to the Internet.
Russian/Ukranian flags over power plant U.S. power companies warned to bolster defenses after possible Russian cyberattack in Ukraine
As Ukraine blames Russia, U.S. intelligence agencies are looking into the incident.
glitched image of key Former NSA chief says U.S. can get around encryption with metadata, argues against backdoors
'I don’t think it’s a winning hand to attempt to legislate against technological progress.'