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Hooded Abu Ghraib prisoner standing on box The battle for justice against the psychologists who helped the CIA torture detainees
This is the furthest a case involving the CIA’s use of torture has gotten in the courts.
Former CIA director says DOJ wants broad power to bypass encryption from iPhone case
'They are asking for a restructuring ... of Apple's operating system.'
Former NSA and CIA chief explains why he backs Apple over FBI
'Apple is right on just raw security grounds.'
John Brennan and AOL logo glitch Teenage boy arrested for allegedly hacking CIA Director John Brennan's email
The young man is also suspected of leaking thousands of FBI and DHS employees' personal data.
Intelligence agency logo heads meeting FBI director invokes San Bernardino attack in defense of anti-encryption narrative
James Comey denied wanting a 'backdoor' but said that some kind of encryption workaround was needed.