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christopher dorner

walker Facebook threats against police landed these men a terrorism charge
"Wish people would kill more cops. We need more cops getting killed. We need true soldiers."
dornervideogame Relive Chris Dorner's final moments in this 4chan-made video game
The saga of Chris Dorner, a former LAPD officer turned murderer and fugitive, has been compared to video games like Call of Duty. Now, thanks to 4chan, it actually is a game.
dornerheadshot Twitter defies sheriff's plea for silence during Dorner manhunt
Tweets about the fugitive ex-cop reached their peak after the county sheriff's office released—and then deleted—a request for the media to stop talking about Dorner on Twitter.
Christopher Dorner Chris Dorner and the Internet's outlaw worship
Dear Internet: Chris Dorner is not your hero.
dorner Audio suggests police set fire in Dorner standoff
A police scanner recording circulating online apparently reveals county sheriffs giving the order to burn down the cabin where fugitive ex-cop Dorner was holed up for a standoff with police.
Anon Liberty #OpDorner: Anonymous announces attack on LAPD
We knew it would happen: Anonymous has formally announced OpDorner, a mission to disrupt the LAPD's manhunt for fugitive ex-officer Christopher Dorner.