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Christopher Dorner

Christopher DornerChris Dorner and the Internet's outlaw worship
Dear Internet: Chris Dorner is not your hero.
Anon Liberty#OpDorner: Anonymous announces attack on LAPD
We knew it would happen: Anonymous has formally announced OpDorner, a mission to disrupt the LAPD's manhunt for fugitive ex-officer Christopher Dorner. 
chocolateRamboChristopher Dorner inspires "Chocolate Rambo" meme
Former LAPD cop and current fugitive Christopher Dorner is being hailed (or vilified) as "Chocolate Rambo."
AnonFTPAnonymous salutes Christopher Dorner, ex-cop wanted for killing spree
Is Anonymous about to get a new face? Christopher Jordan Dorner, the former LAPD officer now on the run after allegedly shooting three people, is an unlikely inspiration.
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