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illustration of trevor noah How Trevor Noah plans to reinvent 'The Daily Show'
'You use humor to enlighten people without preaching to them.'
illustration of kim davis The one thing everyone missed about the Kim Davis 'religious freedom' controversy
This isn't just a Republican problem.
Carly Fiorina at the second 2016 Republican presidential debate What Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush get wrong about the War on Drugs
What they're actually saying when they talk about marijuana.
Carly Fiorina at CPAC Carly Fiorina opposes marijuana legalization for a reason that has nothing to do with weed
She she's right that marijuana and alcohol aren't alike—but not in the way she thinks.
Why don't Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie have an 'authenticity' problem?
Hillary Clinton doesn’t have an issue with honesty. She has an issue with sexism.
Hillary Clinton dancing with Ellen Are Hillary Clinton's Whip and Nae Nae good enough for the White House?
So you think you can dance your way into office?