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Chile earthquake 8.3-magnitude earthquake hits off coast of Chile, Hawaii under tsunami watch
But a tsunami is no longer expected to impact the state of Hawaii.
Researchers are about to build the world's most powerful digital camera
Formally approved for construction, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will include the most powerful digital camera in the world.
Anonymous hacks Chile's government in support of student protests
Protesters are fighting for free college tuition.
chile abortion Chilean women are raising awareness of reproductive rights with fake how-to abortion videos
Abortion is completely illegal in Chile, which drives women to great lengths to terminate pregnancies.
Hiker captures Chile's Calbuco volcano right before it erupts
He drops the camera as soon as he realizes what's happening.
jamaican scotch bonnet pepper Do not try eating a Jamaican Scotch bonnet pepper like these boys did
The children are our future.