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death-of-the-meme.jpg (1440×720) The bleak future of the Internet meme
As the Internet grows up, it only makes sense that cats and Impact text are losing ground to more meaningful content.
undefined 4chan's 10 most important contributions to society
There's no way to tell exactly how much influence 4chan has had on our culture.
undefined Kia presents: The ultimate meme road trip
Want to visit Hipster Barista or the gym that inspired the meme Do You Even Lift? Pack your bags and let's go. 
mememain Meme-based Kia ad campaign gets facepalm from Cheezburger users
Cheezburger—the company behind LOLCats—lent its meme-based branding to Kia for an ad campaign, but Cheezburger fans don't find it very "funneh."
Anon black and white The Morning GIF: On Anon
The Guy Fawkes mask is one of the most recognizable images on the Internet today.
lolderp The Hater: No LOLing at work here
Another day, another Bravo show for the Hater to take down.