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Aaron Swartz at the beach Aaron's Law, the CFAA-reform bill, returns to Congress
Will Congress finally update U.S. hacking law?
8th grader arrested, charged with cybercrimes for changing his teachers computer desktop photo Desktop wallpaper prank earns Florida middle schooler felony charges
The picture was of two men kissing.
Hunter Moore Revenge-porn kingpin Hunter Moore faces 2 to 7 years in prison
Is Anyone Up's founder will stay behind bars for several years.
Stylized Locks with Ones and Zeros Security researcher publishes 10 million passwords despite fear of FBI
This is the state of cybersecurity research now.
Obama Logo over Internet Cables Obama reveals new cybersecurity plan
You can't please everybody, but is Obama trying to please anybody at all?
aaron swatz hackathon Celebrating Aaron Swartz at the Internet Archive hackathon
They came, they hacked, they remembered their fallen friend.