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3Lfz7xG.png (852×464) A musical history of heartbroken dudes
Collective Cadenza covers all the classic songs about fellows being crushed by love.
undefined This medley of 28 iconic guitar solos goes to 11
For those about to rock, CDZA salutes you. 
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This simple request might sound creepy in any other context, but it turned out to be a reward for the people who took a chance.
freshprince YouTube Guide: The Fresh Prince of Google Translate
Collective Cadenza runs the classic Will Smith jam through Google Translate more than 60 times, and raps whatever comes out.
cdzaodyssey YouTube Guide: CDZA's "European Odyssey"
Collective Cadenza took their creative music experiments to France, the Czech Republic, and more, with delightful results.
cadenza YouTube Guide: How to get kids into classical music
Collective Cadenza's answer: Just put pop lyrics over the classical greats. Boom! Instant education!