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demon Facebook used a demon vagina tattoo as a CAPTCHA
For security reasons, of course.
Eight Bit Robot CAPTCHA is dead—the puppy checkbox is forever
It's going to be easier than ever to prove you're a human on the Internet.
captcha-typing.jpg (1440×720) 5 CAPTCHA alternatives to replace your least favorite security tool
As bots get better at beating CAPTCHA, developers seek easy-to-use alternatives.
2D10996139-140101-snapchat-2p.blocks_desktop_large.jpg (730×481) Snaptcha: It's not a typo, it's a security upgrade for your secret messages
Finally, Snapchat is addressing its security failings... with a cutesy take on the CAPTCHA. 
undefined A breakthrough in AI solves CAPTCHAs better than most humans
A new program could solve CAPTCHAs with near-100 percent accuracy.
undefined Why Twitter can't win its war on spam
Why invest in Twitter’s initial public offering when you could pick up a couple thousand new followers instead?