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captain america civil war 'Captain America: Civil War' is a better Avengers movie than 'Age of Ultron'
'Civil War' is everything you could want from a Marvel movie, including the best Spider-Man to date.
capt america civil war marvel mural dtla Watch this massive 'Captain America: Civil War' mural come together
The mural came together in under 72 hours.
black panther New 'Captain America' clip shows Black Panther fighting Bucky Barnes
Who do you root for when two characters you love fight each other?
WHIH Marvel Marvel's viral fake news channel returns for 'Captain America: Civil War'
Marvel's TV news YouTube channel returns to set up some background for 'Captain America: Civil War.'
trump iron man Jimmy Kimmel gives us a 2016-themed 'Captain America' trailer, and it's beautiful
The battle lines are drawn in this fight, too.