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candy crush

a mashup of call of duty's boxart with the candy crush saga mascot Activision purchases the developer of ‘Candy Crush’ for a staggering $5.9B
King is the second-highest-grossing mobile game developer in the world.
Fallout Shelter blasts past Candy Crush in the App Store
Fallout Shelter is raking in more money than Candy Crush.
Ted Cruz reveals that he's addicted to smartphone games
In an interview with The Daily Beast, presidential hopeful Ted Cruz sheds light on his gaming past.
Should your boss be allowed to track you when you're not at work?
Privacy is a shrinking commodity for employees in the United States.
Candy Crush How to hack Candy Crush with Candy Crush Cracker
Candy Crush Cracker converted me from a mediocre-at-best 'Candy Crush' player to a god-like crusher of candy.
Candy Crush Guy ruptures tendon from playing too much Candy Crush
Might be time to put the phone down.