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Liquid Elky Poker star and StarCraft legend ElkY signs with Team Liquid for Hearthstone
An esports pioneer is returning to competition.
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The simmering plans to conquer American and European bleachers.
starbow gameplay Fan-made StarCraft expansion Starbow finally exits beta
And it's entirely free to play.
RcrQC8r.jpg (903×648) Former Starleague champion Effort retires from StarCraft
The timing strikes some as odd.
idra.jpg (1440×720) 5 defining career moments from Idra, America's one-time 'StarCraft' king
After Greg "Idra" Fields's meteoric rise came an agonizingly slow fall.
1MPMiCg.jpg (1023×579) An NCAA for esports: Why colleges are the next frontier for competitive gaming
As esports grows, so does the infrastructure to support it.