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Dignitas picks up Heroes team Bob? on eve of European Championship
One of Europe's hottest Heroes of the Storm teams has a new home.
LoveCX Big names falter as Chinese Blizzcon representatives decided
Some of China's biggest names won't be headed to Anaheim.
Tempo Storm Heroes Tempo Storm wins again on Road to BlizzCon as American qualification concludes
One team won all three open qualifiers.
2Arc Gaming 2Arc Gaming release Heroes of the Storm roster
The team failed to qualify for Blizzcon this year.
Team Liquid Heroes Blizzard's EU Blizzcon qualifier will clash with PAX Prime
The top European teams aren't happy.
Heroes of the Storm: Road to Blizzcon Road to Blizzcon details revealed, including expanded pick and ban phase
Blizzard announced details regarding the Americas qualification process for their big Heroes of the Storm event.