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Screenshot of Tracer, a character from Overwatch. Blizzard on developing Overwatch for 2 different gaming communities
For Blizzard, maintaining parity between platforms was paramount.
Screengrab from a YouTube video of a giant World of Warcraft boss made of lava. Gamers rally as World of Warcraft fan server faces its imminent demise
The fan recreation of “vanilla” WoW will cease operations on April 10.
Overwatch New Overwatch animated short is all about the villains
Arachnid-obsessed assassins are bad for the health of world leaders.
Tavern Blizzard investigating allegations of win-trading in China's Hearthstone scene
The serious allegations have Blizzard concerned.
hearthstone gnome excited The 8 best fan-made Hearthstone cards
We just found your favorite new subreddit, Hearthstone fans.
HotS Patch 'Heroes of the Storm 2.0' patch ushers in huge changes
This patch came out of nowhere.