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Patron Blizzard: Patron was a weak deck across the board
The deck dominated the game until it was nerfed.
Hearthstone world championships Mike Sepso on Activision Blizzard's new esports division (and why StarCraft is like baseball)
Can Activision Blizzard make sports fans care about esports?
Hands on with Overwatch's new heroes
Here's what you need to know about Genji, Mei, and
A major rebuild of Heroes of the Storm's matchmaking system is coming
Fans of Blizzard’s arena brawler Heroes of the Storm got some good news out of BlizzCon today
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Orcs are invading in the first official trailer for 'Warcraft' the movie
Yet another challenger steps forth in the battle to make a good video game movie.
overwatch character mei Overwatch is getting three new champions, a Hollywood map—and a release date, Genji, and Mei will join the Overwatch ranks, and soon so can you!