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Dva Overwatch hero Beginner’s guide to Overwatch: 7 tips to help you win
Need to get better at Overwatch? Read this.
Flamewreathed Faceless Flamewreathed Faceless and the problem with Blizzard's inconsistency
The card is powerful. But more important, it's inconsistent.
Soldier: 76 using his ultimate Blizzard vows zero tolerance for Overwatch cheaters but adds: 'Some players are just really good'
Today Blizzard made a statement about cheating in Overwatch.
Screenshot of Tracer, a character from Overwatch. Blizzard on developing Overwatch for 2 different gaming communities
For Blizzard, maintaining parity between platforms was paramount.
Screengrab from a YouTube video of a giant World of Warcraft boss made of lava. Gamers rally as World of Warcraft fan server faces its imminent demise
The fan recreation of “vanilla” WoW will cease operations on April 10.