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shamu seaworld SeaWorld will end orca breeding amid declining profits
PETA labels the news 'a payoff for future generations of orcas.'
steve-o shammy Steve-O broadcasts illegal anti-SeaWorld stunt to millions on Facebook
Don't film your illegal protest on Facebook.
PnJLkGn.png (1024×512) SeaWorld's PR team has had a whale of a bad week
From vote-rigging accusations to Rose Bowl protests, the park is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.
Dolphins Taiji Mural ! | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Anonymous draws blood by leaking SeaWorld board members' credit cards
The movement shifts from its bluffing phase to open assault.
Tilikum wanted some dinner | Flickr - Photo Sharing! This woman turned a sex doll of herself into replica of infamous killer whale
Amber Hawk Swanson's sculpture-performance project will leave you feeling a bit gross, but maybe also a little turned on.