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Black Market Reloaded

BulletsDark Net gun seller 'Dr. Evil' jailed in the U.K.
'Dr. Evil' was caught after a package intended for his mother-in-law turned up at a British air force base.
Did Iran just seize a deep web drug market?Did Iran just seize a Deep Web drug market?
All in all, Thursday may not have been the best day people for people who enjoy trafficking in illicit goods online.
imgur: the simple image sharer5 arrested in connection to prominent Deep Web black markets
Alleged administrators of the black market site Utopia were arrested in Germany and the Netherlands.
No altShut out of Utopia: Deep Web’s newest black market seized by police
The site's front page has been replaced with a seizure notice from Dutch police.
utopia.jpg (1440×720)In search of Utopia in the Deep Web
Since the fall of Silk Road, there's been no rest on the Deep Web, but new marketplaces could signal a new era for cybercrime. 
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