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Bitcoin Bowl in St. Petersburg, Florida BitPay's Bitcoin Bowl in St. Petersburg is dead
St. Petersburg was supposed to be the 'Bitcoin capital of the world.' It isn't.
Man on Laptop Computer Coinbase launches first licensed Bitcoin exchange in the U.S.
Now, you can easily buy bitcoins from other users, not just large brokerages.
imgur: the simple image sharer Inside BitPay’s effort to bring the Bitcoin Bowl to NCAA football
For BitPay, the three-year deal with ESPN Events to sponsor a bowl game is the start of a national conversation about Bitcoin. 
KrPxdqF.png (1250×594) The ‘Bitcoin Bowl’ is an actual thing for NCAA football
It's the football game you never knew you wanted.
bitcoin-lights.jpg (1440×720) Why Wall Street isn't ready for Bitcoin
For all the chatter about Bitcoin’s investment potential, a group of major players has been notably absent from the conversation.
bitcoin-pins.jpg (1440×720) Could Bitcoin affect the 2014 midterm elections?
The emergence of Bitcoin on the political scene creates a number of wrinkles in the already complex world of campaign finance laws.