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Physical Bitcoins arranged on a table Bitcoin may not be anonymous after all
Researchers just discovered a major hole in Bitcoin’s anonymity.
Bitcoin, bitcoin coin, physical bitcoin, bitcoin photo | Flickr - Photo Sharing! What happens to dead bitcoins?
Bitcoin's a vulnerable currency, one that relies on the safety and proper functioning of the hard drives and storage devices.
bitcoin-primer.jpg (1440×720) Everything you wanted to know about Bitcoin (but were too afraid to ask)
The interest in—and value of—Bitcoin has never been higher. This primer will bring you up to speed on the digital cryptocurrency. 
times_square_bitcoin3.png (1600×810) 7 reasons why Bitcoin is bigger than ever
How did a novel idea for a new currency weather so many storms to become worth so much?
All sizes | Carbon fibre wallet | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Every Bitcoin wallet on Android is vulnerable to attack
An exploit in Android makes every Bitcoin wallet app vulnerable to theft.