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big data

lots of 0s and 1s Big data poses a threat to democracy
Tech companies have an important role to play in revitalizing democracy.
person peeking from behind blinds Americans are all over the map when it comes to privacy trade-offs
Amid concerns about data privacy and security, Americans stick to technology that offers them tangible benefits.
man walking and his cell phone is leaking data Hackers are scaring companies into respecting your privacy
Mo' data, mo' problems.
pokemon or big data This 'Pokémon or Big Data' quiz will leave you stumped
You'll probably get Vulpix but the rest are pretty difficult.
FTC announces PrivacyCon for January The FTC will host a conference about your privacy and security
PrivacyCon will bring together leaders across government, academia, and tech.
Leon Bridges at the Heartbreaker Banquet Mining big data to find the next big thing at SXSW
Big data companies are tracking your listening habits. But do they have good taste in music?