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Big Data

Leon Bridges at the Heartbreaker BanquetMining big data to find the next big thing at SXSW
Big data companies are tracking your listening habits. But do they have good taste in music?
Kal Penn sxswKal Penn talks National Geographic's new big data show
From pizza metrics to drugs and crime, big data takes center stage on the new series.
LogikcullLogikcull is the big-data startup leveling the legal paying field
Harnessing big data to make justice available to everyone.
Facebook talking about The DressFacebook reveals who thinks The Dress is blue and black or white and gold
Facebook knows how you voted on the dress. It knows.
Facebook Like Thumbs Up IconFacebook has a super-secret News Feed test squad
Facebook is paying people to use Facebook.
Takeout BoxesBreaking down the data behind your Storm Juno booze and snack deliveries
Nothing but nothing can stop our take-out habits.
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