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Chris Mintz is an American hero—but can someone tell Ben Carson he shouldn’t have to be?
American heroes shouldn't be risking their lives because the government can't solve our gun problems.
TPP text to finally be made public
Finally, we'll get to know what's in that trade deal.
bill clinton stephen colbert Bill Clinton tells Stephen Colbert why Bernie Sanders is gaining on his wife in 2016 polling
Clinton also addressed the rumor that he encouraged Donald Trump to run.
Hand holding pen Democrats beat Republicans on Facebook grammar, Grammarly study shows
When you argue about politics on Facebook, everyone loses.
Chris Hardwick hosting @Midnight How @midnight managed to win the Internet by celebrating it
'The audience participation is a critical thing.'
bernie sanders as a reddit alien sitting on a pile of money Reddit's Bernie Sanders community donated at least $200K in 3 months
Some 13,800 users are responsible for more than $200,000 to Sanders's campaign in the past three months alone.