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doctor strange 'Doctor Strange' screenwriter defends Tilda Swinton's character from whitewashing criticism
The movie's not even out yet, and the cast and crew are already on the defensive.
doctor strange Teaser trailer for Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' hints at the film's magical nature
Benedict Cumberbatch learns the 'mystic arts' from Tilda Swinton in the first trailer for 'Doctor Strange.'
cumberbatch doctor strange comic store Benedict Cumberbatch visits comic-book store after filming 'Doctor Strange' in New York
Cumberbatch, along with Mads Mikkelsen and Chiwetel Ejiofor, were spotted on set in New York.
Benedict Cumberbatch Easter Bunny Behold the Cumberbunny! Benedict Cumberbatch is now an Easter treat
If you weren't drooling for Cumberbatch before, wait until you see him as a chocolate rabbit.
sherlock The 'Sherlock' holiday special was a bizarre mess of feminist murder plots and Victoriana
The show's ambitious self-indulgence is one of its defining traits.
tv superhero floating in the air All the superhero movies and TV shows coming in 2016
Here's the complete schedule of superhero movies and TV shows in 2016. Mark your calendars!