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sherlock The 'Sherlock' holiday special was a bizarre mess of feminist murder plots and Victoriana
The show's ambitious self-indulgence is one of its defining traits.
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Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Doctor Strange' costume is incredibly loyal to the 1960s comics, cape and all.
captain phasma Gwendoline Christie's 'Star Wars' stormtrooper captain was first written as a man
Captain Phasma joins Ripley from 'Alien' on a long list of characters who got this treatment.
star trek into darkness 'Star Trek Into Darkness' writer says trying to hide Khan was a 'mistake'
Benedict Cumberbatch's not-at-all-surprising 'Star Trek' character remains controversial.
Benedict Cumberbatch imitates otters who look like him
This meme will truly never die.