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The Internet's most recognizable Joker tells us why he's about to don his last smile
Anthony Misiano wants to quit playing the Joker before it's too late to stop.
batarang You can buy a working Batarang from this geek boomerang craftsman
These replica batarangs come back when you throw them, just like a regular boomerang.
batman superman bad blood Batman and Superman go head-to-head in 'Bad Blood' parody
Bandaids don’t fix building holes.
Dodge Nitro as Batmobile Cheating boyfriend has Batmobile repossessed by ex-girlfriend
Bruce Wayne would never get himself in a predicament like this.
the dark knight rises What is aspect ratio, and how does it help filmmakers tell a story?
Confused about why aspect ratio even matters? This 4-minute video will definitely change your mind.
Batman Temporary new patch finally makes Batman: Arkham Knight playable on PC
Warner Bros. has finally released the interim PC patch that fixes many of the game's performance issues.