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Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul The best new movies and shows on Netflix
Netflix is overwhelming. We're here to help.
Florida man plans Joker-ISIS inspired attack Florida man arrested for alleged plan to wage ISIS-inspired killing spree while dressed as the Joker
'I will dress up as the Joker from the Batman movie and bring the gun to work.'
darth vader arcade Short film explores the carnage that would ensue if video game characters came to life
Got the proper coinage for some digital carnage?
Lego set inspired by the 1960s Batman TV series Holy Lego, ‘Batman’! New set honors classic TV series for 50th anniversary
The set will be available in March.
tv superhero floating in the air All the superhero movies and TV shows coming in 2016
Here's the complete schedule of superhero movies and TV shows in 2016. Mark your calendars!
Grand Theft Auto V mod brings Batman to Los Santos
The caped crusader and his arsenal of toys are ready to make mayhem in Los Santos.