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joker Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy face off in 'Batman: The Killing Joke' trailer
Get excited for this R-rated adaptation of the classic comic.
Batman v Superman, face to face Fans are having a field day with this YouTuber's 'Batman v Superman' rewrite
#ZodsSnappedNeck has (almost) everyone giggling.
batman ben affleck Brace yourselves for a new, Ben Affleck-directed Batman movie
After 'Batman v Superman,' Ben Affleck is taking the Batman franchise into his own hands.
My Odd Girl's Batman v Superman line U.K. fashion label My Odd Girl offers uniform-inspired DC Comics collection
This business inspired by a little girl can help fulfill your geek fashion needs!
suicide squad trailer Harley Quinn rightly takes center stage in new 'Suicide Squad' trailer
You really don't need to know anything about 'Suicide Squad's plot to know that it's going to be fun.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. Spruce up your spring wardrobe with 50 percent off ThinkGeek apparel
Whether you plan to spend more time indoors or outdoors this spring, this deal has you covered.