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Batman: Arkham Knight returning to Steam 4 months after buggy PC release
Will gamers embraced the once-flawed title?
Arkham Knight batmobile go-kart This lucky fan won a stunning Batman: Arkham Knight go-kart
Batman cosplay mask sold separately.
batman v superman 1949 Here's what 'Batman v Superman' would have looked like in 1949
If nothing else, it's less depressing than whatever Zack Snyder is working on.
Animated Batman movie 'The Killing Joke' OKed for an R rating
The killing joke won't be suitable for kids.
gotham penguin 'Gotham' nabs Pee-wee Herman actor Paul Reubens to play Penguin's dad
He played the same role in 'Batman Returns'. It's perfect casting.
image of the Joker smiling The Internet's most recognizable Joker tells us why he's about to don his last smile
Anthony Misiano wants to quit playing the Joker before it's too late to stop.